The weather


Hot, some torrential downpours, breezy at night


Cloudy, drizzly, 5-15 degrees Celsius, sometimes sunny, hot days


You can get everything you need here on the island, but some things are very expensive.

We recommend bringing sunscreen (factor 50+ if you’re sensible, factor 30 if you live on the edge) after-sun (because you will burn) a decent reusable water bottle, footwear that will last your stay (flip flops, sandals, sneakers tend to be sufficient unless you’re an avid hiker) face wash (can be really expensive here and you’ll definitely want it).

If there is any particular packaged food you like, try to bring a supply with you. There isn’t as much choice here, and it will be 4 times the price. Same story with alcohol.



In terms of clothes, in May, it will still be quite warm. You’ll want to be in t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops.

June - October

You’ll notice the weather changes. It is not cold like Europe, but in the evenings it drops to 5 degrees or so, so you’ll want a jacket or hoody, jeans/trousers, and trainers. Throughout the year, it rains a fair amount, so a good waterproof, like a lightweight hiking jacket, is essential. 



The laundrette

The laundrette is relatively cheap and they are on every corner. Bring some kind of hat and sunglasses; both available here but can be expensive. 


Plan ahead

When choosing what you’ll bring, think about how long it will last (flip-flops for example) and consider bringing extras. You can get absolutely every essential on the island, so you’ll never go without, but the prices are pretty insane.

The island

The island is mostly casual, at best smart-casual. Don’t bother with smart shoes, suits, or ties, you won’t ever need them. Even fancy nights out are smart shorts, clean trainers and a recently washed t-shirt.

If you like swimming

If you like swimming, we highly recommend getting a rash vest, a wetsuit top, or something to protect you from the cold. While the water is never freezing, it’s cold enough for half the year for only a bathing suit. So, if you plan to snorkel, it might be a good investment. You can rent wetsuits here if you only plan to do a trip every now and again, though. Bring a decent mask and snorkel.

You can’t buy them here, and we are sure you’ll use them enough for them to be worth bringing. If you have an underwater camera, it will definitely be useful, too.


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