Terms & Conditions

Enrolment – Complete the form on this page…

Registration – Your place at school is confirmed when we have received the registration fee of 120 USD. This is non-refundable.

Payment – You must pay all fees at least 4 weeks before you start your course. If there are 30 days or fewer before your course starts, you must pay the full amount when you enrol. You must also pay any bank charges.

Accommodation – Galapagos Language Academy is an agent for accommodation. Everything you pay for your accommodation will be given to the family you are staying with. We do not allow a reduction for parts of a week, but you will have to pay for any extra days.

Holidays – The school is closed on national holidays and weekends.

Cancellations – If you want to cancel a course, you must send us this information by registered letter. We cannot refund the registration fee of 120 USD. You will have to pay for one week’s course and accommodation if you cancel less than 15 days before the course start.

COVID closure – In the unlikely event that we are forced to close by the Ecuadorian government due to COVID, all tuition will be taught online via zoom.

Finishing early – If you finish before the end of your course, you will not get a refund. We do not give refunds or extend courses to cover missed lessons.

Expulsion – You will be expelled (told to leave the school) for these reasons:

  • If your attendance is 70% or less
  • If you bully students or staff
  • If your behaviour is not acceptable
  • If you steal or damage the school on purpose

Damage – If you damage school or home-stay property, even if it is an accident, you will have to pay the full cost of the repair or replacement.

Liability – The school is not responsible if your course does not run or you lose lessons because of public disturbance, industrial action, natural disasters or epidemics.

The school is not responsible if you lose anything. You should take out insurance to cover health problems, losing things, damage and having to go back to your country unexpectedly.

Complaints – If you have any problems with your course or accommodation, you should tell the Principal or School. We will always do our best to solve any problems as quickly as possible.